Game style : Third person action-adventure game
1. The game’s storyline is based on historic documents of Islamic Revolution of 1979 in accordance with the remarks of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.
2. Compiling 700 pages of historic evidence
3. Representing vast landscapes and perspectives, and various visual effects
4. Constructing numerous detailed models of the cities of Tabriz, Tehran, Qom, Varamin, Abadan, etc.
5. Guns, weapons, and defensive firearms with visual references
6. Clicking scenes in the hidings/hideouts and the narrations of the game play
7. Audio mixing and professional sound effects in the scenes showing fire or the sound of the changing of the cartridge clips


The storyline narrates the happenings and events of the Islamic Revolution of Iran (Islamic Revolution of 1979) from its outbreak in 1342/1964 to its conclusion on Bahman 22, 1357/1979. Introducing elements of altruism and self-sacrifice based on historic events and documents is one of the distinctive features of the story; furthermore, the physical and bodily abilities of the characters, which are switchable within the game, have made the story even more interesting.