Game style: Third person action game
1. Simulation of the city of Koofeh .
2. Hack slash game-play and various sword fights
3. High quality graphics and image processing
4. Simulation of the one-on-one battles between both infantry and cavalry
5. Cinematic storytelling and attractive animation in telling the genuine story of Imam’s messenger


Once his holiness Moslem Ibn Aghil was assigned as his holiness Imam Hossein’s messenger and was sent to Koofeh, 18,000 people declared their allegiance to Imam Hossein on his way to Koofeh. But along his path he encountered dangerous situations, such as wars and deceits; moreover, at times, he was left alone by his companions in the face of problems. Ultimately, he was apprehended in Hany Ibn Arveh’s house and was martyred by Ibn Marjaneh. In the course of the game, his holiness is thrown down from the top of a castle (Dar Al Emareh) in Koofeh.