After presenting and confirmation of the nationalization of Oil Industry by Dr. Mosaddegh and Dr. Fatemi, western countries become ferocious; England, the most beneficiary country in this event, find its benefits at stake and makes a move. England’s attempts and the incidents of retired officers’ center are presented in a chapter as the gamer controls a character named Karim Pur Shirazi in London, while the USA mischiefs attempts is presented in a chapter with a playable character named Detective Afshar .in “The Black Years”, the story of 1953 coup will be narrated and the murder case of colonel Afshar Toos and the permeation of Shaban Bi Mokh (a notorious riffraff) will be investigated


Game genre: Cinematic action-adventure (open world)
Release date: 2015
Feature :
1. More than 10 hour of gameplay
2. Two playable characters
3. A deep, complex, multi-dimensional story
4. More than 22 main characters with 3000 lines of dialogue
5. Open-world environment and drastic artificial intelligence (free driving in London and Tehran 1953)
6. Vast and nostalgic environment of Iran and England
7. More than 20 indoor environments including prisons, retired officers’ center.
8. Epic cinematic narration of the story in 15 cut-scenes
9. More than 8 simulated cars
10. More than 20 minutes of professionally made music
11. Interactive cinematics
12. Bonus missions based on historical documents
13. Interactive and challenging puzzles
14. More than 150 full-colored concepts
15. Conceptive design for all of the game characters
16. This game is a breath-taking and documented narration of the coup in Tehran and London and the efforts to decipher the black coup in the black years