سبک بازی: اکشن سوم شخص.
ویژگی ها :
1.A breathtaking narrative story from Ferdowsi Tousi’s Shahnameh
2. Introducing artistic concepts and presenting more than 25 enemies with an outstanding quality
3. Seven Boss fights based on Shahnameh .
4.Various environments
5. More than 200 stylish animation
6. The game being set to sound track with epic themes
7. QTE system and cinematic battles


The story begins with Keykavoos being deceived by the chorus (a group of singers and musicians performing a ritual) and setting off on a quest towards Mazandaran (North of Iran) to seize control of the region. In his quest, he is trapped by the white Deev (giant); from then on, the story of Haft Khan is told. The story includes: The battle with the lion, Thirst, The sorcerer, etc. and, finally, the story of Keykavoos on his way to salvation is narrated.