Game genre: 2.5D Point & Click Adventure
Release date: 2017
Publisher : Strategy Fisrt
1. 1- An intriguing, engaging story and a tribute to David Fincher’s “Se7en”
2. 2- Loyalty to the Adventure genre, more than 15 mini games and tens of environmental puzzles
3. 3- Tens of goal-oriented graphic newspapers, documents and papers
4. 4- Narrated in more than 25 locations and 100 backgrounds with great quality and extraordinary detail
5. 5- 34 characters with more than 200 pages of dialogue and the option of choosing goal-oriented questions
6. 6- More than 25 minutes of motion comic for a more precise narration of the story in different themes
7. 7- 15 minutes of exclusive and engaging music
8. 8- 90 pages of intelligent and interactive personal digital assistant (PDA) which includes blogging, sending emails, and speedy movement in the game
9. 9- More than 5 hours of gameplay


Holy violence?! That’s how Jamshid Farrokhi, a crystal meth addict, is thinking. After using this narcotic industrial chemical, he ruthlessly kills his whole family - his wife, 12-year-old daughter and newborn son – out of severe hallucination. It was only after he sobers up that he realizes what a disaster he has brought to himself. So, he decides to avenge those who were responsible for his decadence and for turning him into a human less worthy of an animal. Thus began the murders and the unimaginable violence! The recorded films during the murders and the heartbreaking confessions by the victims shock everyone and cause turbulence in the society. Faramarz Afshar, a 32-year-old detective, is assigned to investigate this case; a case which can seemingly be regarded as the most difficult challenge in his life. In “Murder in Tehran Alleys 2” you experience the encounter between Faramarz and Jamshid Farrokhi in a clash of violence, reason, and the Great Sins (religion) with a taste of serial killing stories. “Murder in Tehran Alleys 2” is a tribute to David Fincher’s “Se7en”