Game genre: 2.5 D Point & click adventure game
Release date: 2016
1. Drawing on official and historical documents on the happenings in 1953
2. More than 75 high quality background
3. Many classic drag and drop puzzle
4. one hours Original Music
5. Eighteen minutes Motion Comics
6. Over 10 minigame
7. One hundred-page diary for main character (Detective Afshar)
8. Twenty-six characters with over 100 pages of dialogue.


I don’t know how long this situation will last. In the past years, the society conditions have got worse. People have been suffering badly from poverty and hunger . The world war, civil strife, and famine have deeply troubled people,. It drives me crazy to see a bunch of foreigners rule over the country. Corruption prevails in the court and among the authorities; they don’t care about people at all. Of course there are still concerned officials in the government and parliament who try to improve the conditions but the corrupt’s acts of sabotage and conspiracy always prevent them. Meanwhile, the rate of the crime has increased but I don’t let anyone violate people’s right. I try my very hardest to bring justice to the city. I won’t let any murderer escape justice, no one, at any cost! Impasse